Can You HEAR Me Now??? U.S. Monitored 60 Million Calls In Spain

Mariano Rajoy

Well double damn! The U.S. is all in the business……even on foreign soil

MADRID (AP) — A Spanish newspaper published a document Monday that it said shows the U.S. National Security Outfit spied on more than 60 million buzz calls in Spain in one month alone — the latest revelation about alleged massive U.S. spying on allies.

The El Mundo newspaper report comes a week after the French paper Le Monde reported similar allegations of U.S. spying in France and German magazine Der Spiegel reported that Washington tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile buzz. The leaders of Brazil and Mexico are also reported to have been spied on.

A European summit last week was dominated by rage over the reported boundary of U.S. spying on allies and Germany was sending its spy chiefs to Washington to demand answers.

El Mundo said the bar graph document titled “Spain – Last 30 days” showed day after day call traffic volume between Dec. 10, 2012, and Jan. 8, 2013. It says the NSA monitored the numbers and duration of the calls, but not their content. The document does not show the numbers.

El Mundo said the Metadata system used by the NSA could also monitor emails and buzz texts, although these were not shown on the graph.

The newspaper said the document was one those leaked by former NSA service provider Edward Snowden, who is wanted by the United States but has been granted asylum in Russia.

Just as with the report in Le Monde, the El Mundo report was co-written by Glenn Greenwald, who formerly revealed the NSA surveillance program based on leaks from Snowden. El Mundo said it had reached a deal with Greenwald to have the exclusive on the Snowden documents relating to Spain.

There was no immediate reaction to the report from either the Spanish regime or the U.S. embassy in Madrid. But, U.S. Ambassador James Costos had already been summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday to discuss reports that indicated Spain was a U.S. spying target.

Spanish Fill in Minister Mariano Rajoy ordered the summoning last Friday but insisted his regime was uninformed of any cases of U.S. spying on Spain. He spoke after Spain’s leading newspaper El Pais on Friday cited unidentified sources that saw documents obtained by Snowden as saying they showed that the NSA had tracked buzz calls, text messages and emails of millions of Spaniards and spied on members of the Spanish regime and other politicians.

At a European Union summit on Friday, Merkel and French Head Francois Hollande said they would press the Obama administration to agree by year’s end to limits that could put an end to the alleged American eavesdropping on foreign leaders, businesses and innocent citizens.

Nine European Parliament deputies were visiting Washington commencement Monday to get more information on the U.S. mass surveillance by the NSA.


Mediaoutrage- SMH…Huge Brother is out of muthaph*ckin control!!!

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