Kanye West Talks Wedding, Being A Creative Genius, And Being A Christian On Power 106


Kanye West is a very fascinating creature……

On Luxury Brands taking benefit of people:

If I had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton now, I wouldn’t because the fee is to extreme. I don’t want to use my message to have kids saving up that much to be apart of what the thoughts are. That’s the problem with me with luxury. It’s one thing that excellent, is that I don’t really agree with what H &M and Zara does but one thing that’s is good about is that they were able to break that thought, that creativity and things that you really want have to cost like a million dollars plus….The prices get sold you based on this perception…The only real luxury is time.

On Why He is Relevant:

I can sit there with billionaires all day and they can talk how they are effective on a new Cirque Du Soleil act or doing something like that and they not considering me and my level of relevancy. I’m Michael Jordaning people right now. The level relevancy of what I do in comparision to what anyone else do.

On Well-known People Giving Him Information:

I’ll sit down Oprah, I’ll sit down with heads of studios..Everybody got some information for me. I don’t like the way you going about doing it and Michael Jackson never did this. I said, ‘I ain’t Michael Jackson I’m not just a muscion. I’m a Christian, visionary, revloutionary products person. I ain’t here to dance for ya’ll. I’m not here to do a two step. That was just a piece that was just my in. And now I want to make.

On The Number Of Black Billionaires:

I was eating dinner with [Mark] Zuckerberg [creator of Facebook] and I was like yo it’s only like seven black billionaires in the world. Last I tartan it was only 1463 billionaires in the world and only seven black ones. You know one beyond doubt. [Oprah] is the only one we know…It’s not even about having the money, to have the money. Its about having the ability to help. Having the ability to effect exchange for real. You can’t effect exchange from inside the White Household like that.

On Speaking About GOD’s People:

I saw MediaTakeout, just randomly had something that I took a picture of before I went on stage you know i wear this mask, and the heading was “Kanye is such a weirdo”.  Man, no stick formed against me shall prosper, you need to watch who ya’ll talking about and question for act of kindness and please stay blessed because you do not want to go against the power. I’m effective on one mission and that’s a mission from God, period. So all this negative energy that ya’ll throwing against me and this confusion that ya’ll trynna put around me, I’m going to make it very clear exactly what I’m here to do and I’m going to apply all the blessings that I’ve got. All the info and creativity that I’ve got and I’m going to really help.

On Wanting To Marry Kim Kardashian The First Time He Saw Her:

I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her and I just had to wait through a bunch of relationships to finally get my chance.”

On Why Being Gorgeous Is A Talent:

Like Karrine Rafald said on my girls birthday; she was the editor of French Rage now she has her own magazine called SCR , she said “In my industry beauty is a talent.” People used to be like, ‘What is she talented for?’  She is talented at being gorgeous. If you go to a club and its a bunch of gorgeous girls you may say its a bunch of talent in here.

On Designing Kim’s Ring:

She knew i was going to eventually question her to marry me i just had to get that ring right. I worked with 4 different jewelers, 3 rings were made and only one really hit the finger with Lorraine, she came through. I really changed the ring the night before, it was less than 4 hours old by the time I gave it to her. I was nervous a little bit, but it was just everything happening on cue.”

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