Kathie Lee & Hoda: Nothing beats wearing Spanx

When it comes to gym attire, Allison WIlliams prefers Spanx.Michael Stewart/Getty Images

When it comes to gym attire, Allison WIlliams prefers Spanx.

Our like for Spanx knows no bounds. There’s nothing like the security of shimmying into those trusty jiggle concealers — we like the kind that look like bicycle shorts and hit just above the knee — knowing once they’re on, it’s smooth sailing ahead. We’ve heard about people wearing two pairs at a time, but we’re one hit wonders when it comes to high powered shape shifters. But we were pretty surprised to hear that ”Girls” star Allison Williams says she wears Spanx to the gym! “This is my gift to you: Spanx makes the most incredible implementation spandex. I wear them almost every day,” she told Harper’s Festival. “They have a little control top, so they’re flattering. I’ll often stay in implementation clothes all day.”

HK: Oh, I’ve seen her with no clothes on! We all have. And she does not need Spanx!

KLG: She’s very slender. But maybe they give her a sense of security.

HK: Spanx are a good place to stash things. You can really slide a cellphone up your thigh — a splendid place for a buzz if you don’t have a pocket!

KLG: Hoda puts her microphone pack in there too.


HK: My pack fits in there nicely.

KLG: Because it gets nice and hot. And you know she likes that.

HK: I find if you have two pairs on, the oozing factor is high. Because your stout is yelling, ’I need to go somewhere!’ Your stout needs a place to go, people. And it’ll find its way, one way or another.

KLG: I don’t even know how you would wear two pairs. To be honest, I got a little nervous when you said the word “oozing,” wasn’t sure where you were going with that.

HK: One pair only!


Everyone’s got their favorite Bond, but not everyone has had a personal run into with the man who tops their list!

KLG: I’ve always loved Sean Connery. That’s my era.

HK: He is so sexy in that role.

Parents are using cellphones to put their kids to bed at night.Sara Jaye Weiss/Sara Jaye Weiss

Parents are using cellphones to put their kids to bed at night.

KLG: He is sexy in real life! I’ll never forget this: truthful and I were newly married and Regis and I were doing our show in Monaco. And there we were on the golf course with Sean Connery, Prince Rainier and truthful playing a round of golf. (I knew my life was going to be different after I married truthful, but I remember thinking, ’Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore.’)

HK: Oh my god. Was Connery sexy in person?

KLG: Oh, yes. Connery was so charming.

HK: And Pierce Brosnan. He’s second.


Ahh the soft glow of the iPad! According to research in the journal of Pediatrics, more parents are using mobile devices to help put their kids to sleep at night than ever before. Hoda sleeps with her buzz right next to her. But Kathie Lee won’t even have hers in the bedroom.

KLG: Oh gosh, never! I plug it in and put it in my bathroom, far away from me.

HK: For me it’s like the Pavlov dog thing. You hear a buzz, you’ve got to check. Even at 2 a.m.

KLG: No way.

HK: Sominex to me is Candy Crush, Level 130. It’s hypnotic. I’ll do it three or four times, set the buzz down, and then it’s nighty night night. Boom. Asleep.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Donato Sardella/Getty Images for CFDA/Rage

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Enlarge Jay Z doesn't like vacuuming near his hotel room. MARIO ANZUONI/REUTERS

Jay Z doesn’t like vacuuming near his hotel room.


Kanye (l.) likes cylindrical vases and black towels in his hotel room. Jay Z? The thermostat must be set to 71 degrees.


Kanye likes cylindrical vases and black towels. Jay Z wants the thermostat set at 71 degrees, turberose-scented candles and no vacuuming near his room, according to TMZ, who claims they have a copy of the rapper’s hotel riders.

HK: I didn’t think these were so out there. Did you?

KLG: I had a rider the 40-years I worked as a singer, but the list was small: some chardonnay, tons of water and some lozenges. These days I bring Gifft, if i don’t drink my own wine, I feel like I’m cheating on myself.


Mama knows best. Teens who talk to their moms about sex are more likely to do safe sex, researchers wrote in JAMA Pediatrics.

KLG: Hoda got “The Talk” from a guy named Bernie.

HK: Stop, that’s not even right!

KLG: In the 1930s, when my parents would’ve had to have given me that talk, they just instilled in me the importance of valuing myself.

It's OK again to eat bacon, but only is moderation.iStock

It’s OK again to eat bacon, but only is moderation.


After ruining breakfast, now the World Shape Organization is insisting they aren’t telling people to stop eating bacon, just to eat it in moderation.

KLG: You know the meat industry has something to do with this!

HK: Moderation. That’s always the key. Eat it once a week, it’ll be fine.

KLG: Listen, the oldest lady in the world — 115-year-ancient! — eats bacon day after day. So there.

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