Katrina Babies Will Be Unlike Any Hurricane Katrina Film You’ve Ever Seen

by Christopher Rosa 12m ago

Even though Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans nearly 10 years ago, its impact is still very much alive today. 23-year-ancient filmmaker Edward Buckles believes the young people affected by Hurricane Katrina do not have a platform to share their tales. And he wants to exchange that.

That’s why he’s determined to make sure his film Katrina Babies moves past the pre-production stage, but he needs your help. What we do know about Katrina Babies so far is that it will feature intimate interviews with young Hurricane Katrina survivors about their experiences, struggles and triumphs both directly after the storm and today. If the film’s Indiegogo trailer is any indication, it’s going to be incredibly poignant. And heartbreaking.

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Issih Buckles, an 18-year-ancient survivor, recalls considering water rise to his family’s apartment—on the third floor. A young woman named Damaris Calliet claims she developed a stomach tumor from inhaling toxic fumes while sleeping in a trailer—not exactly easy viewing, but extremely necessary. Despite their hellish ordeals, these youths look to the future with feverish confidence. And that’s inspiring. Simply place, this is an extremely vital film that has to be made.

If you’re interested in considering Katrina Babies come to life, visit its Indiegogo page to make a donation. Edward and his team are seeking $ 25,000. The campaign ends Sunday.

To get more information, check out the trailer above.

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