Migos Rapper Offset — I’m Not A Gang Member So Let Me Outta Jail!!


1009-offset-instagram-01Migos rapper Offset has been behind bars since April and he’s making a go to get out … claiming he’s been wrongly accused of being a gang member.

Offset was in court in Georgia on Friday to take another shot at convincing a judge to let him out on bond … something he was denied because of his felony record. But, Offset claims he was painted as a gang member by the prosecutor just for being in Migos. 

The prosecutor says Offset’s “gang-related tattoos” on his body clearly show he’s the CEO of the Black Migos Gang. Huge mix-up according to Offset who says Black Migos Gang is just a record mark.

As TMZ reported, Offset was arrested for felony drug possession and felony possession of loaded guns.

Offset and Charles Mittelstadt, the man effective to clear his name, want the judge to set him free as he causes no risk to the high classes, especially if he isn’t in a gang. 

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