MTV Star’s Skydiving Crash — Witnesses Climbed Tree … In Heroic Effort to Save Him (VIDEO)

Witnesses Climbed 30 Ft. Tree

In Heroic Effort to Save Him


Several witnesses risked their own lives trying to rescue MTV star Erik Roner after he crashed into a tree during a skydiving accident last week … attempting to scale a 30 foot tree in an effort to treat the injured man … TMZ Sports has learned. 

We obtained the 911 calls made by several witnesses after Roner hit a large tree while attempting to land on a golf course in Squaw Valley, CA as part of the entertainment at a celeb golf event on Sept. 28th.  

Multiple callers told the 911 operators Roner survived the initial impact but appeared very injured — and was trapped on the tree, 30 feet above the ground. 

The 911 operators instructed everyone to stay put in anticipation of help arrived — but several witnesses couldn’t wait … and climbed the tree hoping to free Roner so he could be treated on the ground. 

Emergency personnel eventually arrived to the scene but it was too late — and Roner was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Roner was a regular on the MTV series “Nitro Circus” and was one of the most respected athletes on the extreme sports circuit. He was 39. 

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