PHOTOS: Rapper Collo Wears A Skirt On Stage


Fashion just keep on getting weird in this planet. Just some days ago Kanye West released a clothing line that is just rags. Apparently it is very expensive.

Kenyan rapper Collo also decided to do a fashion extreme act and decided to wear a skirt like clothing which was in Maasai colours. This was during the launch of his new song together with Nonini called Mchezo na Ganji.

Just check out the photos.

Collo-in-a-dress-2 Collo-in-a-dress-3 Collo-in-a-dress-4 Collo-in-a-dress-5 Collo-in-a-dress-6 Collo-in-a-dress-7 Collo-in-a-dress-8 Collo-in-a-dress-9


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