Stevie Wonder Lawsuit — You’re Blind, But You’re Not Deaf!


1009-stevie-wonder-tmz-01Stevie Wonder knew full well what he was doing when he signed an covenant to pay his attorney’s widow 6% of his royalties because it was read out loud to him … according to the widow.

As we’ve reported … way back in the day Stevie signed off on the deal with Johanan Vigoda — but Stevie thinks the wool was pulled over his eyes, and he’s filed a lawsuit over it.

Now, Vigoda’s widow … Susan Strack is calling BS on Stevie. She says Vigoda had a witness read the entire contract to Stevie — including the part where she would continue to get her husband’s 6% fee, even after he died.

In her legal docs, Strack acknowledges Stevie came back years later and contested the contract, but never got it done before Vigoda died. Her point is … even though Stevie doesn’t like it, the contract is still strip.

Translation: Go kick rocks. And pay me while you’re doing it.

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